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Zenith's Birthday
 lDashi •   24 days ago •  96

One whole year!

🎉 It is Zenith's birthday! When Zenith was first created a year ago I didn't even expect it to still be open by the end of the year. Let alone think that I'd be writing this one whole year later! Thank you to everyone who has made Zenith what it is today and we are looking forward to celebrating the 1 year birthday of Zenith with you all!

To celebrate, we are going to be holding a number of events, competitions, giveaways and more! These events will be posted in the brand new #birthday channel on our Discord! You're also able to assign yourself...

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Donation Store, Bug Bounty and more!
 lDashi •   3 months ago •  220

Donation Store

We hope you're all liking the rebrand so far! It's finally time to introduce part 2 of that change... Our new store! Ever since Zenith began, we have used the same store platform. We've wanted to move away from this forever as it was limiting us. We weren't able to customise it, we weren't able to create things such a sales and gift cards, we weren't able to use our own URL. Not without adding more money to our monthly upkeep anyway... This new store has been in development since March and is finally ready for you all to use!

You will i...

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Zenith Rebrand
 lDashi •   4 months ago •  310

Zenith has rebranded! As you can see, we have a brand new logo and website! Zenith opened its doors in September 2020 with our original logo. You may have seen this logo if you've taken a look at our donation store. This was then replaced with the logo you all know now. Today, We are introducing our new logo! With more colour and personality, we feel as if this is a major step up from our previous logos and we hope that you all agree! 

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