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4 months ago

Donation Store

We hope you're all liking the rebrand so far! It's finally time to introduce part 2 of that change... Our new store! Ever since Zenith began, we have used the same store platform. We've wanted to move away from this forever as it was limiting us. We weren't able to customise it, we weren't able to create things such a sales and gift cards, we weren't able to use our own URL. Not without adding more money to our monthly upkeep anyway... This new store has been in development since March and is finally ready for you all to use!

You will initially notice the new look. Stepping away from the boring white background and logo in top left, this new store represents us much better and looks a lot nicer at the same time. The next thing you may notice is the URL. No more having to type and thinking "Oh maybe there was a dot somewhere else, maybe this word was somewhere else."


Some of our older players may recognise this... However they are different! From now on, when you use our store, you will receive 10% back in the form of Z-Shards for you to spend on other packages! 

Gift Cards

Gift Cards are here! These work as any normal gift card would and need no explanation. Gift cards can be obtained by two ways:

  • Purchasing or receiving Gift Cards directly from our store.
  • Winning Gift Cards in giveaways and events.

This will be much easier than having to open a Discord Ticket anytime you want to check how much store credit you have or when you want to spend it. If you believe you have store credit remaining, open a ticket and we'll convert that into a gift card for you!

Payment Methods

Along with this new store, we will also introducing other payment methods. This hasn't been added yet, however it is something we're actively working on!

  • PayPal - For PayPal, Credit and Debit cards
  • Xsolla - Over 700 methods including Skrill, Apple Pay and Bitcoin

Bug Bounty Program

The next part of this announcement is the new Bug Bounty Program. We understand bugs can be annoying to deal with and we are grateful for anyone and everyone who submits a bug report. Therefore, from now on, any bugs that submitted and approved may be eligible to receive a store gift card. The amount will be appropriately proportionate to the size of the bug and you will receive a DM from Valkyrie with your gift card (If your DMs are closed, a ticket will be opened instead). Please do note, some bugs that are considered minor may not be eligible. You'll know which bug reports receive a gift card as they will also be reacted to with a money emoji.


Thank you everyone! We hope you like the new donation store and bug bounty program.


Nitro Booster Perks

We are also finally releasing the Nitro Booster perks! This will be done gradually, however the first perk is here. Throughout your time boosting our Discord server, you will receive access to a brand new tag! We do plan on introducing more perks in the future and if you have any suggestions, do let us know! Thank you for boosting our server!


Punishment Page overhaul

Keeping further in the spirit of our rebrand, our punishment page has also undergone a design change! This will also make the rules much clearer than previously so if you aren't sure on what a certain rule includes then make sure to read through it!


There's also a 30% off sale on our store for the next week!

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4 months ago



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4 months ago



-Mark <3


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4 months ago

We love to see it x

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