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4 months ago

Wiki Submission Tips


Ready to write a wiki page? Make sure you read this first!


A wiki entry must cover a specific topic. However, it must cover that entire topic. For example, if you are writing something about PWarps it should cover all of the PWarp commands etc as opposed to having multiple small entries such as 'How to make a PWarp' and 'How to set a PWarp category'. Keep these in the same entry! (Just maybe under different headers?)


Your entry must have acceptable spelling and grammar. Approved entries will be proofread and slightly edited, however please do make sure you do the best you can! Feel free to use an online proofread service such as Grammarly to help.


Write in a way that is simple to understand and user-friendly.


Feel free to use images if you feel like they'll help! Make sure the images are high quality and essential to the topic.

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