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Introducing Zeasons - Win £50!
2 minute read
A new Zeason is dawning... Want to learn more? You've come to the right place.

Don't be concerned! Zeasons do not mean we are resetting every so often. We already reset once and we think that's enough.
Instead, this is a way for you to make money. Not Zenith money, real money.

What do I win?
At the end of the Zeason, the winner will be rewarded with their choice of either £50 PayPal or £75 Zenith Store Voucher

How to win a Zeason
The winner will be determined by balance! Whoever has the highest balance at the end of the current Zeason will be named as the victor!

How long do Zeasons last?
Until we decide on a suitable time window, the first Zeason will last until the 30th of April.

Each Zeason may have a different goal which will be announced before the Zeason starts. It may be related to balance, combat, land claiming or anything else.

You can team up. However, the winner will be the person with the highest balance - If you want to split the prize money, this must be expressed in a ticket with each person with the amount being split being agreed upon. If no ticket has been made, then the winner will receive all of the money.

Dragon Bane
Along with Zeasons, Dragon Slayer will be returning with a new name: Dragon Bane. This is will be a bi-monthly event where a separate world is opened for a short period of time for everyone to fight Zenrir.

The person who deals the killing blow will be named the 'Dragon Bane' and will receive:
[Bane] In-Game Tag
Dragon Trophy
NPC In Spawn

Everyone else will receive a cut of $250,000 based on the % of damage dealt. (If you deal 50% of the damage, you will receive $125,0000)
However, if you die your percentage will reset to 0. This is a great opportunity to make a start on your balance for the Zeason event!

The egg is up for grabs by anyone!

The first Dragon Bane event will take place on 26/02/22 at 8pm GMT

Finally, the no griefing rule will be removed at the same time as the Dragon Bane event due to the return of golden shovel claiming. Make sure to claim your bases! 

...More to come!

Nature Update
Nature Update
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Zenith Valentines
Zenith Valentines
Valentines is here!
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Enchantment Update Important Information
Enchantment Update Important Information
We will soon be updating our custom enchantments. However this will result in your enchantments being deleted. We have decided to allow you to collect free enchantment extractors to turn all your custom enchants back into books to trade with our...
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