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Voting Rewards Overhaul
1 minute read

What you get for voting has been lacking... Voting helps the server, therefore we've worked on making it worth your time. The vote crate hasn't received a change as this is designed to be mainly for newer players, however the Mythic Crate has been completely updated. The vote shop prices have also decreased significantly so you have a better option of what to spend your vote coins on and voter of the month now gets some better rewards! See below for the full changes.

Mythic Crate Updated

Vote Shop prices changed
1 - Vote Key
6 - Mythic Key
10 - Custom Enchant
25 - Special
25 - Spell
25 - Artifact

Voter of the month rewards
🥇 1st:
[VOTM] Tag (1 month)
⭐ Icon next to name in chat & tab (1 month)
@VOTM Role (1 month)
Head shown in voter area (Along with month and amount of votes)
£5 Store Voucher
10 Custom Enchant Keys
5 Mythic Keys
5 Special Enchant Keys
1 Artifact Key

🥈 2nd:
£2 Store Voucher
5 Custom Enchant Keys
3 Mythic Keys
2 Special Enchant Keys
1 Artifact Key

🥉 3rd:
3 Custom Enchant Keys
2 Mythic Keys
1 Special Enchant Key

(These rewards are subject to change if we find more to give)

Vote Area
Now displaying the heads of our top monthly voters going back all the way to the creation of Zenith! Want to take a look? Head to /spawn and go left behind the donor podium.

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