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Total Infractions Issued: 616

Please obey the server rules!

Zenith Survival Punishments

Welcome to Zenith Survival Punishments's Ban List.

Here is where all of our punishments are listed.


Sometimes we may make mistakes, sometimes players may regret their decision to break the rules. Whatever the case is, we allow players to appeal their punishment. Our appeal process is very simple! Join our Discord. Go to #tickets. Open a new ticket, select appeal and fill out the questions. Afterwards, a member of staff will review your appeal thoroughly and respond with a decision.

If your appeal was denied it is due to the fact that our administration team do not believe your appeal was either deemed insincere or had little effort put in to it. Another reason may be that your punishment is so minor that it isn't worth going through the appeal process. As appeals are overseen by the administration team, they are non-negotiable. However you are free to reappeal after 2 weeks.


Hacking and/or cheating in any way, shape, or form is strictly forbidden. An example of this includes using a client to give you an advantage over others. Fake hacking may also result in punishment. This includes saying "I'm hacking" to get a reaction.

Do not abuse any bugs or glitches. If you come across one, you are welcome to report it in our Discord server or to [email protected] - This can include problems with a plugin or abusing a vanilla Minecraft bug.

Zenith has zero tolerance to any disrespectful or hateful behaviour. This includes slurs, bigotry and cursing other players in a disrespectful way.

Trolling players or staff in a hurtful or annoying way. Light-hearted trolling is fine such as using invisibility potions and messing with your friends.

Advertising other servers, websites or social media is not allowed. You are free to say things such as "I was just playing Hypixel". An example of advertising that is not allowed is "Come play on my server" or "Subscribe to my YouTube: XxMinecrafter421xX".

Spamming isn't allowed. This includes: Spamming the same message over and over again; Sending the same character many times in a message (aaaaaaaaa); Spamming commands; Cap Spam (TALKING LIKE THIS ALL THE TIME).

Griefing a claimed chunk or around a claimed chunk is not allowed. This includes building next to a chunk and abusing glitches to grief a claimed area. LAVA CASTING IS NOT ALLOWED ANYWHERE.

Scamming is not allowed in any form. This includes making a deal with someone and not following through on your end.

Teleporting to someone with the intent to kill them or any other malicious intentions is not allowed. Portal trapping involves blocking a portal so that anyone who goes through the other side will be trapped. TP Killing falls under Malicious TP. This involves when either party has teleported in any way. (Home, TPA, PWarp)

Unless you have been allowed, setting a home near or in someone's base or home is not allowed and will result in punishment and the home being removed.

Although PVP is allowed, targeting specific players, and constantly killing them over and over is not.

Alt accounts are not allowed at all. If we find multiple accounts on the same IP they will be banned. If you have friends or family under one IP, then please let us know.

Do not mini mod. If you believe a player has been breaking rules, then alert either an online staff member or open a report against them via Discord or using /report.

Please do not harass staff. This includes asking them to look at your ticket or fix something. If you have an issue, open a ticket and be patient.