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Welcome to Zenith!
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Welcome to Zenith's rules page!

1. No hacking or cheating (faking may still result in a ban).

2. No exploiting bugs or glitches of any kind.

3. Respect all players. Don't be toxic or discriminate.

4. No hate speech; respect religious views, sexuality, gender etc.

5. No trolling.

6. No advertising without permission from Server Admins.

7. Do not spam.

8. Do not grief in or around claimed chunks.

8a. Do not claim within 4 chunks of someone else's claim.

9. Do not scam.

10. No portal trapping or TP killing.

10a. Do not teleport to players with malicious intent.

11. Do not set a /PWarp near someone else's home/base without permission.

12. No targeting specific players and/or killing them repeatedly.

13. No alts.

Swearing is allowed. Directing it towards someone can be considered targeted disrespect. You can loot/grief UNCLAIMED land (see rule 9). No lavacasting anywhere.

Punishment is to the discretion of staff.

Useful links: