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Welcome to the Zenith Wiki - Home of all Zenith information!

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Custom enchants are one of the main parts of ZenithSMP.


How to obtain:

The only way to get custom enchants is via the crates. Don't worry, you don't need to pay for them. There are multiple ways to obtain crate keys. These include: Vote & Mythic crates, events, daily reward, battlepass and the key all every 2 hours. There are 4 crates: Custom, Special, Spell and Artifact.


These are the normal custom enchants. You can put as many of these as you want on your items as long as they don't conflict with other enchants.

More powerful and rarer than custom enchants. You can only use one of these per item.

Similarly to Special, you can only use one spell per item. Spells are abilities that you can activate by pressing right click with the item.

Purely cosmetic. Artifacts produce particles when the item is used. For example when you hit an entity with a sword. Only one Artifact can go on each item.

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Creative Wiki

To enter the creative server, use the water portal on the left of the main exit to the castle.

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Discord Wiki:


That is a link to the discord server for ZenithSMP